Between a Rock and a Hard Place

And just like that = my phone rang.  The number unfamiliar, but from a certain area code. A ring back, then a text.  At Last!  All is now right with the world. 

I thought of this title a few weeks back, and my intention was to write, then, about the ending of my Porterville job, and what might be coming up next.  Moving into the magazine-ready home in the Visalia Country Club.  The possibility of living on the reservation in Coarsegold.   The job at Childrens Hospital of Central California.  Continued travels to Ishpeming, Michigan.  Bermuda in April.  How I did not want to become Wendy living in the house of the Lost Boys.  I had been feeling a few different things, and wanted to put them down on paper to see if any clear pattern was going to emerge.  I had procrastinated, and suddenly I am amazingly, unbearably thorougly happy and NOTHING else matters.  Someone told me “That man is your heroin” recently. Well, yes.I believe the Gentleman completely, but his stories are sometimes contradictory, therefore they cannot all be true.  Anthony has been downsized, so we are both unemployed, and have been hanging out with our respective children.  I have been trying halfheartedly to relocate my things up to the Fresno area, but I have time. Almost three weeks before I begin my new job.  Enough time, almost no money.

I have been crystal clear on this topic.  The day I get the call – I am gone baby, gone.  Fast forward ; As I re-read the brave words from almost a year ago, I wonder – have I always been this … well… stupid?
The Gentleman & I still talk. He has – three times- gone camping with his friends while I was there, although the last time I demanded a hotel room. My Love? After a few weeks of bliss – his phone is off again.


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One is the loneliest number... but it also means you can just do what you like.
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